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Out of Network" options with Pronk Professional Services, LLC 

Dr. Pamela Kaczmarek, PsyD and Pronk Professional Services, LLC is a specialty fee for service niche private practice.  We require full payment at the time of service directly from the client unless other arrangements have been made.  We may be reimbursable by your insurance under your "Out of Network" benefits.  To find out if your insurance covers "out of network" providers, you should call your insurance company and ask them about your policy and how to obtain reimbursement.  We will provide you with a receipt at the time of service with all the appropriate information you'll need to provide to an insurance company for reimbursement. We do not submit claims or research individual policies as this would ultimately drive up the costs of your care with us. 

 We are independent licensed professionals who are at the top in our field and are free from any third party contracts for services. We are not restricted to treatment limitations imposed by third party payers and work closely with patients to determine their needs in a collaborative manner. In addition to this significantly improving your privacy, this allows us to apply evidence based and evidence informed treatments we have found to be most effective for your case.   

To lookup average costs of services, click here to go to FairHealth Consumer Cost Lookup. 

Payment Options 

You may pay with cash, check, Zelle, or a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) on the day of services rendered. We understand that finances are a finite amount and that many people are confined to a healthcare budget. If you find our fees are not within your budget after working together, we are happy to provide referral names when possible and always advice patients to check with their primary care physician and insurance company for names of providers.

Cancellations or Failing to Keep Appointment

When a client cancels a session with little notice or does not attend without notice, there is a shifting in our specific agendas to accomplish our mutually agreed upon goals that often required prep time and significant planning on the part of the Psychologist.  The best chance of recovery possible requires you to make treatment a priority in your life. This requires steady consistent practice of skills necessary for a successful treatment outcome. Therefore, we request 24 hours notice of cancellations. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours or sessions that result in failing to be kept without notice are charged for the session. Exceptions to this would be for cancellations that involve emergencies, such as death, illness or illness of a child. Cancellations due to school, transportation problems, or work are not considered an emergency and will be charged the full fee.  If the psychologist, for some reason, is running late -- that time will be made up at the end of the session whenever possible or that time will be added to the next session. If we are able to offer your cancelled session time to another patient, you will not be charged for that time.   

Out of Office visits 

Experiential or exposure sessions and therapy sessions that occur outside our office are billed at the same rate as treatment that is provided inside the office. We prorate time to determine your fee. Time spent traveling to your home or to off-site locations for therapy, consultations, or time spent in after hours phone calls will be billed in the same prorated manner. 

Additional out of pocket required expenses 

Many protocols may require out of pocket expenses to our clients. Items purchased on behalf of your treatment are yours to keep and are not the property of PPS. Generally, these total less than $100 but may include such items as:  Treatment Workbooks, journals, DVDs, CDs, recording devices (for Prolonged Exposure treatments), and books.  We try to keep any required items in stock for our clients, however you may purchase any items outside of PPS at places such as PPS does not have any relevant financial relationships with any commercial interests. 

Medicare & Medicaid and Workers Compensation 

PPS is not a covered provider for Medicaid, Medicare, or any State / National aid.  We do not accept Workers Compensation Cases (call first).

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