"Quarantime" Accomplishments Reported...

Submitted by my real clients, patients, colleagues, Family & friends.....

"Finally figured out how to sync my AirPods to all my electronics. I admit it....it’s pretty cool."

"Actually cleaned the grout lines in the bathroom and used a grout pen to paint in between the lines consistently. Looks fabulous!!"

"Powered through several seasons of Game of Thrones and am fully caught up to the rest of the world now! "

"Organized all my house painting supplies and centralized their location. No more trying to find a clean roller or paint pan. No more bent butter knives as paint can openers (cause couldn’t find where the paint can opener is). "

"I've always socially distanced and self-quarantined since I got PTSD. My friends and family are seeming to understand how much it sucks and how little your world is when you can't get out."

"Never watched a makeup tutorial online since they seemed ridiculous. Gotta say, watched one then another. Love them now and I’m a DAD who has a daughter with MS. She has always asked for makeup application help and now I’m her hero! Plus we have never laughed together so much!!"

"Figured out what all those spare keys in my junk drawer are used for. Labeled them and tossed others. Yeah!"

"Silly as it sounds, matched lightbulbs to their empty boxes. So small but feels pretty good. Can’t wait for my LEF bulbs to burn out in 20 years cause I know exactly where the replacement bulbs are now. Lol"

"OMG. Finally figured out how my tv talks to a universal remote control and mastered it! "

"Tried a work-out video on YouTube. Actually liked it! "

"Tested all those batteries in my junk drawer to see which are dead and which have juice. Finally won't feel like an idiot when looking for remote control batteries that work!"

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